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The sad statistics of divorce reveal that over half the marriages in the United States will break up. These statistics of divorce are almost as high in many other developed nations around the world. The mindset of many, whether conscious or unconscious is that marriages can be disposed of if need be.

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

Many parts of society do not take their marriage vows seriously. This is especially true of the phrases, “until death do us part” and “as long as we both shall live.” It appears that marriage has become as casual as buying a car or changing a job.

The statistics of divorce are extremely high amongst those in the public eye such as, television and movie stars, entertainers and professional sports people.

Policemen also have a particularly high divorce rate. Many reasons are suggested for this including, stress, firearms, the uniform, the hazards, infidelity because of the attraction to authority and the typical cynical nature of the police that the work engenders.

The sad statistics of divorce are even worse for second marriages with the rate close to two-thirds, with third time marriages close to three-quarters. These rates are seen in most developed countries including; New Zealand, Australia, Russia, the UK and Canada.

All these statistics beg the question, “Why are people not resolving their differences and honoring their marriage vows?”

The answer seems to be rooted in a disbelief of the value and importance of marriage itself. Many people are choosing a “de-facto relationship” or “civil union” in preference to marriage. These relationships often produce children who themselves go on to have no understanding of the value of marriage and either don’t get married or if they do they often have problems because they don’t value it. It is also common for a woman, though not necessarily her fault, to bear children to several different fathers, further complicating their situations.

Another contributing factor is the move away from a religious faith and the belief in the deity before which they made their vows. The Bible is full of wisdom for strong healthy marriages and families, but when its words are not read or its author not acknowledged, is it small wonder that marriages are falling apart? The result is that people do not place any value on their marriage vows and eventually this is reflected in the marriage relationship.

Statistics of divorce for couples with children is around 40% less than those without. While this may seem to be a good thing, it doesn’t show the proportion that may still have a “broken” marriage with one spouse no longer at home or indicate the impact it has on the children involved.

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More than a third of children today come from a broken home. The average first divorce age is about 30 with the consequence that many children are either raised without the influence of both male and female role models or by a couple on a second marriage or civil union, both of which have their difficulties for children.

It can be hard work to develop a marriage with love and value for both spouses and creates a loving environment to raise children. The key is to honor one’s marriage vows, trust in the God you made them before to help you and communicate on every matter of concern. This action will help the statistics of divorce to drop.


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