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Men will often think theyto save a marriage know it all when it comes to relationships or flounder at the other extreme and give up saying women are just impossible to understand. Relationship advice for men is plentiful and available online, in books and from most women! Building a long term relationship requires a different approach to just dating.

What sort of advice do men need to succeed in building such a long term relationship?

The best relationship advice for men is wasted when it’s not put into practice. Many have heard what they need to do but not put it into practice. This in itself is a major irritation for a lot of women. The most important thing is not just to learn the advice but to take it onboard and make it a way of life. Here are 5 things to get you on your way:

  1. Don’t treat a woman like she’s just, “one of the guys”. It may be fine to hang out with your mates for hours and hardly say a word as if they’re not there, not special and not needed, but that’s not going to work well with a woman. They like to be noticed, feel like they’re precious and valued for there presence in your life. Most of them like to talk and know that they’ve been heard by something more than the occasional grunt. They normally thrive on good communication so it’s a skill worth working on.
  2. Be aware that a woman will look at intimacy differently to men. It’s much more than the sexual act of making love. It’s about timing, touching and a whole lot of nuances peculiar to the individual that you will need to discover. In most cases they will want to please you, but you’ll have to get them to that point first in a way that is pleasing and arousing to them. It may involve holding hands, hugging, talking or whispering, candles, walks, kissing, love notes as well as dishes, nappies and listening.
  3. A great piece of relationship advice for men is to learn to communicate in each others love language after learning to communicate verbally to discover what that is! Each of us has a love language that we prefer such as quality time, acts of service, gifts, words of encouragement and physical touch. Talk about them and discover what each of you prefers and then work to develop your relationship by these means.
  4. You should also learn the basic differences in the way men and women communicate and in particular how the woman in your life likes to communicate. Is she direct in her approach or prefer to drop hints? Does she like you to solve her problems or just listen? In most cases a woman doesn’t want you solve them for her but just listen to her when she talks about them. She wants to express her feelings and it’s a good idea to let her do so or else you’ll have problems down the track if they get all pent up and need to be expressed later. If you have a suggestion on how to fix a problem it’s best to start by asking, “Can I offer a suggestion?” If you want to help fix a problem then it’s best to ask, “Is that something you’d like my help with?” It’s also most important to respect her response. If she doesn’t want your help – don’t give it. If she dose, then be sure to follow through when you can.
  5. Communicate your feelings to her, especially the ones about her. Women thrive on expression of feelings and when you express yours, they will naturally communicate back. It will also build their self esteem and self worth. So if you love her and value what she does for you then be sure to tell her often. Communication of feelings is the pulse of a relationship.

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The best relationship advice for men is to love unselfishly in the way that is most easily received and appreciated by the lady in your life. Do it daily and purposefully until one of you dies. It is best done in the security of marriage using principles outlined in chapter 13 of Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthian church the new testament of the Bible. You may not normally read the Bible but let’s face it when it comes to understanding and relating to women, we need all the help we can get!


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