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If you do an internet search for “online marriage counseling”, you’ll get result’s pages with millions of sites offering help. This is a refection of the need in our society and the willingness of people to help either for free or through professional services. The matter of sorting out who to believe is no small task.

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

With our modern society having such a huge divorce rate it’s a concern that the advice given is not always the best quality. It often tends to be from family and friends who mean well but a quick look at their background leaves you wondering how useful and reliable their information really is.

Today’s culture has a fast growing “now” mentality which has resulted in huge financial debts. This mentality is also having an impact on our relationships where the concept of “working at a relationship” is foreign to many. The impact of this mentality by, “would be advice givers” is rather disconcerting.

The good news however is that there is a couple of websites that review the quality of many of the online marriage counseling services to determine whether they are trustworthy or otherwise. They are normally run by either professionals or ministers that have a background and wealth of experience in counseling.

Like most things in life online marriage counseling usually comes with a price tag which can put their services out of reach of many who need help. There is however a number of good quality, low cost options in the form of books or DVD programs that are both popular and high quality.

As with a number of things there are the self promoting and self confessed experts with high ticket products. The high price tag and slick marketing can give the impression of quality, while this may not actually be the case at all.

The best way forward is to look for credentials, testimonials and product reviews. By sifting through what’s available in this manner you can usually get the quality products and services coming to the surface and provide you something you can rely on when you’re looking for online marriage counseling of high quality.

Again an internet search is what will be of help here. All you need do is put the product or persons name into a search engine with “+” credentials, testimonials or reviews and begin to sift through the results.

It seems that the better sites offer a low cost product with a regular newsletter service for on going support. It is also good to be a little intuitive about a website or person. Do they come across as wanting to really help you or just get your money? Often the religious ones are more concerned about you than your money and simply look for small amount of financial support to stay afloat. Social service agencies often provide free help with quality advice.

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Another criterion you do well to look for is one that offers you individual care and advice. There are a number of sites with a quick fix or one size fits all approach that is simply in appropriate to online marriage counseling. Every individual is different and when two come together to form a relationship it needs to be treated with the uniqueness it has. Principles for direction are fine for general guidance but when a relationship has problems then specific intervention is required to restore the relationship, resolve conflict and deal with root underlying issues.

Because everyone has a history, often referred to as, “baggage” going into a relationship everyone needs to learn how to process these issues and how they are affecting them individually and as a couple. Issues can include fear, manipulation, communication, power and trust. The complexity of these requires expert intervention if online marriage counseling is to be effective.

Despite the complexities involved, most relationship problems can be resolved when brought to light and genuine help is sought.

When the cost or some other reason prohibits face to face counselling, then the material such as books and DVD programs by these experts are the next best alternative and can be immensely helpful when applied with diligence, love and wisdom.

The additional advantage that many see to online marriage counseling is that it can be anonymous, is cheaper and often comes with a money back guarantee.

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