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Even if we don’t like to admit it, it’s no secret that men and women are different in ways that go well beyond the physical. Some would regard the differences as being worlds apart.  The differences include our perspectives on life, our communication styles and the way we function and interact in life. Most people however function best when they are in a healthy relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

It is because of these differences that relationship advice for women and men is not just a good idea but essential for a harmonious relationship. Understanding the differences helps us to relate in a way that is productive and enjoyable for both individuals.

No matter what your history and past experience is, whether it is a trail of broken relationships or many years of happy marriage, if you follow the relationship advice for women outlined below you will enjoy a better quality of life and relationship. These are the most important 4:

  1. Understand that men will normally prefer to do something about a problem to bring about a change, while women are often happy to talk about it. Talking through a problem gives a woman the emotional release she needs which in itself is often the solution. To a man this will generally seem like a waste of time. If you have a problem in your relationship then you may feel better by talking to him about it, while he may well feel confused if there’s nothing you want him to do. If it’s a problem that needs some action or change then think through ahead of time what action you would like to see and whether you want him to be the one to “fix it”. His inclination will be to take the initiative and try to fix it so be ready with a plan either way!
  2. This difference of talking and action in problem solving is also evident in expressing love. While a woman will often desire and be content with the words, “I love you”, positive relationship advice for women is to understand that a man will often prefer to see and demonstrate that love in action. This however, is not a hard and fast rule and the specific love language of an individual needs to be discovered. While some thrive on words of affirmation or physical touch others will prefer, acts of service, quality time or gifts. Discover what your love languages are and learn to operate in them.
  3. Another way that the talking and action difference is seen is in expressing feelings. For many women talking about their feelings is as normal and natural to them as breathing is to life. Men however are not normally so expressive of their feelings. While it can be very healthy for them to do so, it can be as foreign to their nature as sign language is to a sighted man.  The basic rule of thumb is, if he doesn’t want to talk about a problem don’t push it. Just let him know you care and that you’re ready to listen when he’s ready. If he’s been raised to keep feelings and emotions under control then forcing him to express them before he’s ready will just create more inner confusion for him. You may well find a good walk or some time at the gym will resolve the matter for him without the need to talk. His inner processes want to plan a solution and letting him have some space to do that will be more helpful to him than talking about it.
  4. Utilize the power of the list. Most men being task orientated will be happy to work off a list. If you have things that you want done and you feel your verbal requests are being ignored then approach it in a different way by discussing the possibility of having an, ‘action list’. The word action will trigger his male buttons before you write anything down. Understand that the need for this is not that he wants to ignore you or has deliberately forgotten your request, it’s more likely that his internal processes where doing something else when you asked.

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The best relationship advice for women to take onboard, is to learn to meet him at his point of need in regard to the communication process. Ask yourself the question, “What action do I want him to take and what is the best way for me to communicate that to him in a way that will get a positive response from him?” If you don’t want him to actually do anything other than listen, then tell him that to.


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