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You’re feeling desperate with a hole in your heart where your girlfriend was. You want her back because you can’t stop thinking about her and can’t live without her. You need a strategy for getting back your ex girlfriend and this article outlines the strategy you need.

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

Start by being aware that it may not be easy to win her back especially if she has her eyes on someone else. You need to rekindle the love you shared.

The first step is to face the reality of why she broke up with you and what you need to do to fix that. What was it she said the day of the break up? Was it a direct statement regarding incompatibility, unfaithfulness, roaming eyes or was it a little vague such as, “It’s not working out”, or “I’m not sure you’re the right person for me”.

Whatever the reason it will need to be addressed and you will need to talk things through to find out how you need to change in order to save the relationship and achieve your goal of getting back your ex girlfriend. Make your mind up at the outset what you’re prepared to do and make sure you follow through if you get the green light further down the track.

Consider what were the areas of interest and attraction between you at the beginning? Did you develop or neglect these? Have a flexible plan that you can quickly implement to engage in something that you know she enjoys. You need to connect at this level if you want to have any chance of getting back your ex girlfriend.

Your attitude will be an important aspect that will determine the success or failure of your strategy. Don’t start begging and pleading as that will quickly turn her of, instead respect yourself and your ex and esteem her and the value of the relationship.

Ask her if she is willing to meet with you as you’ve had some ideas about moving forward that you need to discuss with her. Pick your venue carefully. It should be a place that has good memories for you both and is quiet enough for you to talk honestly and intimately.

Start by apologizing for anything you know that you’ve done or neglected to do that has caused the break up.  Emphasize the value of the relationship and how all good relationships have to be willing to go through a period of hard work to resolve the issues. Tell her that you value her and want to do the hard work in order to have the joy of her presence in your life.

Emphasize the good fun times that you have shared together, giving examples and how it would be a waste to loose that by not working through the difficulties. Maintain your self esteem while telling her honestly how you feel about her and why you’re keen on getting back your ex girlfriend!

You should also consider getting the support of a third party to support your cause. Ask them to emphasize how good you were together and the value of working through the difficulties. You could encourage them to mention some of your good qualities and to emphasize how much you love her qualities. Ask them to be attentive to her feedback so that you can get to the root of the problem. Be willing to work on the issues she mentions or else you may loose her again.

If they report back that she is still basically interested in you, then you still have a chance of getting back your ex girlfriend and should be quick to respond while the interest is there. The response should be appropriate to her love language. For example does she enjoy gifts? Does she like to have things done for her? Does she like to talk? Does she like to do things with you like walking? Whatever she likes to do or have, you need to act on.

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Treat this meeting like a first date. Carefully plan out what you want to do and say. Prepare carefully anything that needs preparation such as booking a dinner table or buying flowers. Be prepared however to be flexible. She may well want to raise some issues before she starts over again. If you know that there was something special between you, then be confident in that and determined to resolve what destroyed it.

Be clear in your communication with her. You don’t just want another date. You want to resolve issues so that you can be in a relationship with her again. Make that clear to her without being pushy. If you have hurt her then she will need time to heal before she’ll trust you again. You will also need to show you are trustworthy and work on your issues that caused her to feel that way. You may have to settle initially for a trial attempt at restoration.

If you show her your love and commit yourself to this strategy, then you have a very good chance of getting back your ex girlfriend and developing a long term relationship.


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