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Fear is a huge hold over people who are having relationship problems. Many people do not see the signs because of ignorance or denial, while others freeze with fear of what might happen if they attempt to deal with the issue. The truth is that the consequences of not dealing with the signs can be far more costly.

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

The 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to rescue their relationship and what to do instead

Unresolved relationship problems can affect your quality of life and that of those around you. It affects you emotionally causing feelings of being unwanted used and abused and even depression. This emotional state has a ripple effect and can create similar feelings in those around you including your dependants, work friends and neighbors. The overall effect could be to damage your relationship, your career and your sense of self-esteem.
When identified these signs of relationship problems can be addressed and resolved before they cause serious problems.

Let’s look at 4 common signs:
1. A very common sign of relationship problems and the cause of many other problems is a lack of good communication between you. If you want to have a relationship that facilitates a greater quality of life and increases effectiveness then you must learn good communication skills. It involves learning how to be open and honest about your feelings and desires while having respect for the needs and emotions of others. The result should be respect for each other that facilitates both personal growth and that of the relationship and your common goals.

2. Another of the signs of relationship problems is when the relationship leaves you feeling used or abused. If you generally feel unhappy about the way things are going then you should communicate how you feel. If you’re the one who seems to be doing all the work around the house, yard or children then you should express your need for help. Don’t assume that they are aware of the problem or it may grow in an atmosphere of ignorance and resentment.

3. A lack of intimacy can also be a sign of relationship problems. It is not just what goes on or doesn’t go on in the bedroom. It can be measured by whether what was intimate to you once, is still there or not. These can include holding hands, romantic moments and sincere communications. If there is simply a distance between you that has developed for any number of reasons, it could be time to stoke the flames of passion again. You need to determine whether there is an offense that has caused the drifting apart or whether it’s simply a lack of attention to this area. Face and deal with offenses by healthy communication or prioritize intimacy back into the relationship.

4. A lack of respect and support for the development of personal interests, talents and skills can be a sign of a relationship problem. A healthy relationship encourages mutual personal development to create a sense of accomplishment and improve self-esteem. The spin off is that a happy person creates a happy atmosphere in which people can live happily. Nobody is responsible for your happiness other than you, but if you communicate your need for support and encouragement then you may well be able to move forward in your dreams. It may well be to your advantage to identify how you would be able to reciprocate in like manner before you tackle the issue.

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If you are willing to take a serious look at these signs and work at them on a regular basis, you will find your relationship will improve and enrich your life and those around you. Signs of relationship problems should be seen as opportunities to improve your relationship and not a cause to despair.


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